The Forest of Watchers

It is important to watch over natural formations, I say this because with the growing population it is becoming harder and harder to preserve natural spaces. The Western Virginia land trust periodically asked staff to check the easements that they have at Carvins cove. With 39 easements in total, it is very hard to keep track of in total 6185 acres. The trust sends teams to take” snapshots” of small portions of property to make sure that the city is not violating the agreements they have set up.

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They began go so far as taking aerial views of the cove just to make sure nothing is being built that the team didn’t see. Even though they do all of this their goal is still for people to partake in the nature of Carvins Cove, ”We’re still promoting and allowing people to use it — we’ve got almost 40 miles of trails there — but we don’t have the funding at this time to expand on other opportunities,” Buschor said.

      One of the conservationist Mr. Holnback said that, he expects city officials may eventually decide to build some small structures to provide an educational experience for students and residents, but otherwise expects the land to look much the same as it does now:

“The cove is probably for the foreseeable future going to be a relatively pristine wilderness-type area with some really fantastic trails — a great place for people to go hiking and horseback riding, mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing — and that will be most of its use.”

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Although the space should stay natural to me, I think that in order to entice people to use and take advantage of nature it has to have something that will bring them back to it so if that means educational aspects. For example if they modified some of the trees to be an obstacle course or some type of gym area like the presidential fitness playgrounds they have at schools where it is only for the enrichment of the body and not unnecessary attractions. Although the Cove already has activities like kayaking and hiking and biking for professionals as well as beginners in my opinion the cove could still use some type of deeper interaction with its space. I understand that watching over the cove is important that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t do things to entice people to come to the cove. 

It could be something as simple as boat races or Family triathlons are something to bring people to the cove as well as have them interact with the natural space that they’re in.They could even use the idea of protecting the natural space as a way to keep people enticed bring children to help them do the team work on the ground to see if they find any structures or violations. Not only will this help the community it would breed new conservationist and environmentalists that could keep the cove a natural space where people come to relax and play.

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