The Flip Side Part 2

If you didn’t read the last post, this is a continuation of my first journey around the side of the lake closest to the Guilford College gym, a place that I’d never witnessed in its entirety until today.

Triangular Figure

After witnessing the graffiti and markings present on the small hut by the water, it should have come as no shock to me that the other man-made object that I had spotted from afar was also covered. The triangular prism, well over 6 feet tall, stands out against the gentle grass in the meadow behind it. From behind the monument I can see the far edges of the lake, the trees and sun reflecting off of its surface. There is no defined path going to the lake’s edge, and so I plan my steps carefully, looking down with every footstep or two in order to avoid a wandering snake. As I get closer to the water, the plants by my feet begin to crawl slowly upwards, brushing against my calves in places as I traverse onward. The landscape on this edge of the lake is not unalike its opposite shore, with a grassy patch giving way to a sandy area and a clear entrance point to the water.

Geese 🙂

Finally at the edge of the water, I begin to notice that the similarities between here and the opposite shore are even more pronounced than I thought. Two geese wander around in the sandy/dirty area, searching the ground eagerly for tasty morsels. These geese are seemingly accustomed to human contact, and they don’t shy away from me as I make my way around them. The water on the shore to my right is murky, disguised by a layer or muck and algae. However, I don’t let this unsettling view distract me from the quiet beauty of this nook of the lake in front of me. Were it not for the frisbee players yelling in the background, this area would be the perfect place to settle down and relax, watching as ripples gently shake the surface of the lake. As I watch the geese, bumblebees dance around me, playful in their flight patterns as they buzz around the world. Seeing life from their perspective would be such an interesting thing; being able to travel quickly, zooming and dipping through the air at will. As I stand among these creatures in this natural place, I take note of the shoreline. Erosion is almost definitely an issue here, as shown by both the murky water and the state of the shore surrounding it.

This is the point where I ran out of time for the day. Having gone further away than normal from any available parking, I have to hassle back the way I came, flying past landmarks that I’ve just become acquainted with as I try desperately not to trip. Visiting this side of the lake has provided me with both a fuller view of the lake and its structure as well as a hint of inquiry. I want to know more about this lake, the shoreline, and what lies beyond. Maybe next time…

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