Thank You, Country Park

It’s time to wrap up! I will talk about some final thoughts and two of my friends I made at Country Park.


Here is my first friend; let me introduce you to MoMo. MoMo is a monarch butterfly. I was so surprised to see a monarch butterfly in real life…for the first time! I stood near it for a few minutes, but not close enough to scare it away. I watched its moves and actions and captured a picture of the cute butterfly above. I have seen a few butterflies in science museums, but never a monarch butterfly living in its natural habitat. Maybe in the future, I will see more monarch butterflies or even see MoMo again!


My next friend was a ladybug I named Stella. Since a young age, I have always been fond of ladybugs, whether it be drawing them, reading or writing about them, or even finding them in my backyard. I always believed they had such a stellar beauty that made them so unique and elegant. Therefore, when I witnessed this ladybug perched on this tree, I gave it the name Stella. The ladybug crawled around the tree starting from the bottom of the trunk around, in a swirl, to the top of the tree where it disappeared in the branches and leaves above.

Final Thoughts

Overall, my journey through the depths of Country Park has been spectacular, exciting, and unique. These are the days where I have felt my best and had so many things to jot down in my diary (yes, I still keep one of those). Along with that, I learned so much about nature, including trees and animals, and even expanded my knowledge in history by looking into Country Park. As someone who suffers from severe anxiety and depression, my life’s most prominent obstacles are mental illnesses, I struggle with. For the first time in years, I felt free of those traps, like someone had found the key to unlock them from my mind, body, and soul, and set them free. Not only did it provide me with a sense of relief, but it also led me to feel a genuine feeling of peacefulness. In the other world, I am constantly inundated with voices and demands that become overwhelming at a certain point. But, in the woods of Country Park, it is as if these voices are put into a box, locked with a key, and thrown a million miles away to where their voices are nonexistent. The thought of being stripped from accessing this simple place for the rest of my life frightens me. In such a short time, I have gained an unforgettable and astounding connection—a new sense of independence, freedom, and ingenuousness connection with nature that I had never imagined having. Now, I look at Country Park as not only another home but a secret place to escape from reality. Thank you, Country Park, for giving me new knowledge and discoveries I never thought I would see.

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