Sunset magic!

I always want to go out into the Meadows at sunset. I like to see how the space transforms as the light becomes warm and golden and then sharp and blue. I savor the last glimmers of light coming through the branches of trees and in between the spaces in the pine needles. I’m not sure what it is about the Meadows, but I always see the most beautiful sunsets there. There are rows of pine trees in silhouette that perfectly frame the shining hues of orange, pink, and purple. I feel like I’m watching a painting shape shift as the sun continues to set. It’s a magical sight frankly.

I also feel like sunsets symbolize the beauty of change and moving forward. They represent grace and humility in times of transition or challenge. Or in the face of criticism. They remind me to grow. They remind me to let go of what I thought I knew or what I thought I wanted. Because of the sunset, I do not mourn the loss of the sun each night. I appreciate the time as a moment of gratitude for what the sunlight has brought and look forward to what the mysterious hours in darkness might hold. Hope ascends over the Meadows as the sun sets. It illustrates in vivid color the promise that things just might be okay.

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