Rainy Day; New Plans

Honestly, I had planned on today being sunny. Although I knew that the weather forecast told a drastically different story, I yearned for sun in the hopes of being able to play a few games of volleyball with my friends under its’ warming glare. February’s weather so far has been inconsistent, to say the least, with sunny, beautiful days leading into powerful sheets of rain a mere 24 hours later. To my disappointment, I woke up this morning to the consistent pitter-patter of droplets of rain hitting my blurred window, falling from a frosty, clouded sky. My hopes of playing volleyball immediately went out the window, along with my ideas of what to do for the day outside of my classes.

Rough Map Of The Lake
Photo From Guilford College

Conveniently enough, the lake is right by the gym (where I had planned my volleyball excursion), and a short, one minute trek through the dew-infested grass got me to the muddy, man-made shore of the lake. As opposed to my last visit, where I approached the lake by car via Nathan hunt Road, my path this time came in from the south, causing me to witness a different section of the lake’s shore than had in my previous adventure. Focusing on this one particular section of the lake’s shore has given me a narrow-minded approach to this blog and the lake itself, something that I hope to break in future blog posts when I have more time to fully explore the edges of the water. Although I didn’t stop and experience the full glory of the new views at the moment of my journey from the volleyball court to the lake’s edge, I have them mentally stored away for another day when I’m in the mood for exploration. As I made my way down to the sandy beach and bench that I’ve come to know so well, all I carried was my phone (for the camera) and a small journal for my thoughts, its pages already beginning to fill from the work of previous days.

Mirrored Structure

Photo Taken by Me

One of the things that caught my eye as I sat down on my customary bench was the object covered in mirrors to my immediate left. In my opinion, this object, whatever it is, fits right in with the lake, it’s reflective surface catching the dull light of the sky in a way very similar to that of the pale waters before it. Although I didn’t, and still don’t, know what this thing is, I’m not sure I’m supposed to. It stands quietly by the lake, presenting a reflected view of the reality present around it. I ended up walking around the structure for a solid five minutes, mesmerized by it’s intricacies and the angles at which it captured light. The landscape around the lake is peppered with objects and quirks such as this one, and I’m hopeful that my future blog posts will be able to show them off as I find them.

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