My First Post-Liam Connolly

And so the long journey of self-discovery in the natural world begins here, inside a classroom ironically. But I’ve always been more of an indoor kind of guy. I got proper exercise and Vitamin D mind you, but I’d usually read comics instead of climbing trees. But I do remember there was and still is always one place in our great big natural world that’s quite special to me: the quiet and beautiful South Beach, in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

It was always peaceful as waves washed against the sand as the seagulls dive-bombed the water, almost like a carnival act. And so, as one could imagine, I’ve always been more of a tropical guy when it comes to nature. Give me palm trees, sandy beaches and coconuts any day of the week.

Which is why I believe that this journey will be quite essential to broadening my own horizons. Nature comes in many forms. Getting out of your comfort zone and thrusting yourself into the unknown is ideal to becoming a more well rounded human being. And for me, if all goes well, a better writer.

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