As I exit the woods I see the two Muscovy ducks sitting by the lake.  They are quite large.  I never knew ducks could be this large.  Before I knew what it was I thought it might have been a turkey.  Ever since I have been here, I have heard the story of the two male ducks that came here and got too fat to fly away.  So, now they live here together, this is their place.

Mia did not like them at all. Once she locked eyes on them she couldn’t control herself. Her bark became low and sounded mean. The fur in her back stood up making a line down her spine. Her ears stood straight up. Even when we kept walking she kept looking back making sure that they weren’t following us.

When I get home I look up the Muscovy duck. It says that they are actually more similar to geese than ducks. In the photos on the internet, they seem much smaller than the ones that live here on campus. Guilford also has an abundance of canadian geese. When I look up pictures of the two, they don’t really look like thay are distant cousins but I’ll take their word on it.

Whenever I take Mia up to the golf field she chases the geese all the way into the pond. The minute she sees them she lays down in the grass and stares at them. When she feels like the time is right she bursts into a sprint to catch them. They all flee at once.

 I know many other people that have said the woods here has helped them cope with their mental illness.  Why don’t more schools give their students access to nature.  I wonder if when I go back home, if I will ever find a place like this one.  After all the hours that I have taken exploring it, I still feel that I haven’t experienced it all.  I am thankful that I have found a place where I can be with nature and experience its beauty. Mia and I have both had great joy throughout the semester exploring all 153 acres that it has to offer.

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