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Hey everyone I am back! Today I am going to dive in to some history regarding Country Park!

Former Country Park Lakes

The Beginning

Country Park was an idea that began with the Revolutionary War. One of the significant battles of the Revolutionary War was at the Guilford Courthouse (approximately an 8-minute drive from Country Park). The Guilford Battle was identified as National Military Park in 1917. Following that, in 1924, Country Park was a part of a piece of land purchased along with bonds for a cemetery, having its official opening on Independence Day of 1934. The park was opened, and work began due to the initiative of Mayor Paul Lindley with funds and assistance flowing from the Civil Works Administration. That is not all, the Federal Works Administration aided in making the natural space vast and beautiful, while keeping its essence. Many families residing in the “Greensborough” area would come here with their families to feed the geese and have outdoor picnics. Furthermore, children would come here to have free and open space with their friends and even time alone exploring the outdoors. Back then, humans mainly enjoyed the bathhouses and boardwalks around the lake.

Veteran’s Memorial

The Guilford County Veteran’s Memorial

The main historical attraction in Greensboro’s Country Park is the Guilford County Veteran’s memorial. The memorial was established on September 14, 2002. It contains an open circular path, a ring of walls that describes some of the most significant wars Guilford county participated in, and an array of bricks listing the people who served in the military. The wars mentioned in the memorial are the Persian Gulf War, Panama, Lebanon and Grenada, Vietnam War, Korean War, World War 1, World War 2, and the Civil War. My personal favorite part of the memorial is the bronze plate with many of the seals of militants from the war. Many people tend to disregard the fact that Greensboro has a very significant background, which includes people sweating, bleeding, and fighting for their country near where Country Park is located and internationally. The inclusion of the Veteran’s Memorial provides appreciation to those who fought for the legacy of this city and have provided us with the freedom and joy we encompass now.

If you want more information!

In my future blog posts, I hope to research more on how Country Park is a large part of the Battleground Parks District. Country Park encompasses a large part of the district and is one of the most significant developments for human interaction and entertainment in the past. Now, it continues to live to that level providing friends and families a beautiful and natural place to enjoy some fresh air and even learn some history at the Veteran’s War Memorial. Thank you for stopping by! See you later!

Important websites: https://www.greensboro-nc.gov/home/showdocument?id=30036 and https://docsouth.unc.edu/commland/monument/572

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