Healing by Choice

My nose is stuffy. I see on the recent newscast where a photographer captured all the insane amounts of pollen on camera. I think to myself, “Nature, you’re already starting to play pranks on me?” I see where almost every tree and living thing in nature around me is becoming back alive; after multiple rainstorms, unstable weather temperatures fluctuating, and our own species abusing it. I’m starting to speak on behalf of nature in a positive better way because nature is alive. Trees are living things. The White Oak tree in my place doesn’t express emotion, but the imagery of it expresses what all it has been through. Multiple wounds from the storms and green leaves are alive again. Nature heals itself after the storm; this is not because anybody told it to or demanded it. Nature simply does this by itself. The reflection of nature I place onto myself because as it turns out, we are not so different. I’ve chosen to heal because it’s my choice. I chose to take care of myself not because nobody told me to, because I wanted to.

There are old dried up leaves on the ground. If I tried to count all of them, I would simply lose my mind. You can tell my place has been through a lot, but yet it is still there. I start to admire the strength of nature. We tend to put it through hell. We are so busy with the media and our phones, we start to ignore the simple things like avoiding to use plastic bottles as much. We start to lose ourselves because of mediocre comparisons portrayed by the media. We underestimate what all of us have been through. I believe nature doesn’t make these comparisons. Nature doesn’t try to compare traumas. Nature is still. Nature is graceful.

Nature needs to be protected however. The Guilford Woods is a historical place that should be preserved, however, we have to be proactive. From Guilford College Woods for Preservation, I got the following information about recommendations. The historical plaques for locations had been pointed out. There was much more encouragement for individuals to interact and get to know The Guilford College Woods. A sense of awareness was brought in to encourage the community to dive into the woods. Guilford College wants first years specially to get to know the woods, and this is through guided tours, First Year Experience Presentations, and so forth. Guilford wants to allow people to continue walking through the trails also for the benefits of their health. However, the issue of waste management was still an issue. Therefore, trash and recycle bins in the woods were most defitenly encourages to decrease the presence of litter.

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