Handling Difficulties with Grace

The wind is blowing the branches on the trees gracefully. The mix from the past rainstorms and heat from the sun currently has created my perception of the perfect temperature. I feel the air blow through my hair going to the skin on my scalp. The presence of nature isn’t something I have to seek now; I can indulge in this warm invitation anytime I feel selfish enough to do so. Evidence of my past separation of nature is clear, but I no longer feel like the past is held against me. In nature, I feel free. Freedom is priceless, no amount of money will buy you this. I reached deep in my soul like I was a kid digging in his mom’s purse for a quarter for the toy machine. I feel the difference now from being outside and inside before that wasn’t so evident. The difficulties in my life I’ve handled with grace; I place them in my hands, and I delicately put them away. I don’t believe any amount of harshness will fix your problems, your real problems. In the future, from this moment, any motor speech difficulty or unpredictable blood level test will be handled gracefully. Nature has taught me not to be so harsh. Life is harsh, granite, but I and nature don’t have to match life. I don’t believe anyway I’ll wake up and say, “I conquered it all, I’m happy. I’m cured” what I struggle with will carry with me throughout my life. While I carry this weight with me like pounds and pounds of rocks in my bookbag, I can tell you I am a survivor, even if I stumble over a word. My words are valuable. I fought for the voice I have now.

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