Guilford Lake – Quiet Beauty

As I turned the rumbling engine of my car off and got out, I could hear….almost nothing. Sure, there were the usual subtle sounds of nature: the wind, the shifting of the grass, the quiet babble of the water. Man-made noise, however, was at a minimum. As I walked down to the lake, shoes sinking in to the light mud from last night’s rain, this feeling of relative silence remained with me. I was able to hear every footstep, breath, and noise that I made, all to the tune of the quiet grass and slow-moving water.

Calmness Of The Lake
Photo Taken By Me

Rest and Relaxation

It’s been a while since I last went to the lake, and the feelings of nostalgia came to me almost immediately: Memories of bonfires, nature hikes, and laughter all resurfacing in my mind. The sand is new, added to the man-made area in messy, beautiful fashion. As I sit down on the bench, my feet grinding against the hard sand, I take a look out into the vast expanses of the lake. The water is quiet, and I remember why I had come to love this place. Looking out into the water provides me with a sense of calm, as I watch the surface slowly and steadily shift. Sitting on the bench and watching consumes my focus, and I stay there for a time, watching and relaxing. Although we all know of the stigma around watching a calm canvas, with jokes about “watching paint dry” being cracked with ease, there’s something oddly calming about watching the minuscule motions of the lake and it’s surroundings. I’m the only person around when I go, and it feels like it’s just the lake and me, acquainting with each other as we sit still together.

A Surprisingly Friendly Muscovy Duck
Photo Taken By Me (With The Duck’s Permission, Of Course)

A New Friend

As I sit on the bench, contemplating what direction I want to take this journal entry, I hear the familiar sound of scurrying in the grass. Looking to my left, I quickly spot the two Muscovy ducks that I’ve come to associate with the lake. Friendly creatures, they wonder aimlessly among the newly seeded grass, picking and choosing the tastiest morsels for their pleasing. These birds might be the most iconic part about the lake, in my eyes. Whenever I visit I spot them, be it as they lounge, swim, or eat. They’re remarkably friendly, as seen by the closeness of my picture, and human interaction doesn’t seem to aggravate or scare them at all. In past visits I’ve watched them eat, even once giving them a portion of bread from my sandwich. Although the internet tells me that they often rest in trees, I’ve never seen the two particular birds that reside at the Guilford Lake anywhere other than the ground and the water. Not particularly majestic, they waddle around, living their life dependent on the lake and it’s surroundings. In future blog posts I’ll try to get more pictures of the pair, or even a video, as they are one of the most interesting parts of the lake for me.

That’s all for now. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read about my experiences with the lake. It’s truly a majestic, calming space, and if you’ve never spent time there, it’s a great experience, be it alone or with friends.

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