Flowers, Flowers, and More Flowers

The best part of the year has arrived…spring and all the beautiful, colorful flowers. Today, I went on a nice walk with my friend Emma, but I left my phone in my car so she took the courtesy of taking pictures of discoveries we encountered. On my adventure through Country Park today, I observed many blooming flowers and colors. It was a nice change from the bare trees of the winter. If you want to witness some of the flowers I found fascinating; please continue to read (I don’t know why you would not want to!).

A close up picture of the pink and white flowers of the Dogwood tree.
Photo taken by Emma

The first color that caught my eye was a bright, vibrant pink. These flowers were budding off of a tree more commonly known as a flowering Dogwood. However, the scientific name of this tree is the Saucer Magnolia. I focused more on the flowers and how the vibrant pink brought a type of “quirkiness” to the park. This part of the park was located near the more open trails. These trails are not centered between the towering trees of the woods but around the park where people tend to go on runs or walk their dogs. At that moment, I dedicated this trip to discovering flowers and colors throughout the park. Who doesn’t love a little added vibrancy to their day?

A beautiful purple-flowered shrub
Photo taken by Emma

Next was purple. I encountered a gorgeous purple flowering shrub. I am not sure what exactly this species, so if you do, please let me know! I thought that it could be some purple lilacs or purple blue-eyed grass, also known as “Sisyrinchium” What fascinated me was the fact that so many flowers were on the shrub and it is only early spring. Around this purple bush was drab brown and dark green colors, as shown (slightly) in the picture above. The addition of the bright purple added liveliness to the surroundings, making it all more enjoyable!

Natural blooming white Mandevillas
Photo taken by Emma

As I was strolling through the trails, I noticed long pieces of grass. In the distance, I could see some white, so I ventured towards the color. Eventually, I encountered some spread out white Mandevillas. Their natural beauty was unbelievable. The flowers were tall and sturdy with delicate, crinkled white petals. Within the petals were a bright, yellow core. Staggered in between these flowers were some little purple flowers branching out. Some people may think that white can be a dull color. However, whenever I picture spring in my mind, I think of these white flowers since they grow in the woods around my neighborhood and I remember picking them and giving them to my mom when I was younger.

Yellow pansies!
Photo taken by Emma

Coming to the end of my trip the last color I noticed was yellow. The yellow pansies were short, and there were only a few who were hidden in the bushes. I look forward to coming back to this specific location in Country Park (in the woods and close to the lake) to see if more of these delicate, yellow flowers have grown. Since there were three located in close proximity to each other I took a picture but expanded it to show how they were hidden within the shrub.

Wow, what a colorful trip! And this early in the spring! Thank you for joining me throughout this adventure. I look forward to coming back and recounting more of the wonders I see in Country Park. Thank you so much!

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