Everything Has Flaws

Hey guys! I am back! Today, we are going to take a break from talking about interesting natural discoveries and look in to what I love about Country Park and things I wish were different.

It’s an Escape

Most people love to find a place where they feel they can let loose and relax. In a natural busy world, we as students, are piled up with assignments, tests, projects, and even finals coming up. However, the stress can be lifted when you feel like you are within a calm, serene environment. By spending more days in Country Park, I have grown to feel comfortable in the environment. Although insects and bugs, sometimes even animals, are not my favorite things to be around, I always enjoy being in the company of the quiet walls that trees form around me. I have found places where I can sit and read books or listen to my acoustic music. Furthermore, I even discovered a few places where the sunlight bounces off my skin and provides for some much needed Vitamin D. The picture above is where I sat one day doodling in my journal and thought the view above me was just gorgeous. Small things like this can make your day!

How my Mental Health has changed

Anxiety is a large part of my daily life. With social interactions to even stress that bump it to its max. Now, I have found a place where I do not feel those typical tensions and worrisome stomach butterflies. Yes, I know in the back of my head I have so much to do, but as soon as I enter Country Park, I try to forget it. This is a place that allows me to take a moment for myself and learn about naturally occurring processes and the plethora of natural beings I am surrounded with. Overall, Country Park and many places with trees, flowers, and more are beautiful and essential places for one to have and enjoy in their lifetime.

Invasive Species

As much as I love my place, there are some things that I have noticed that saddens me. First, are invasive species. It is virtually impossible to control those because they naturally occur, but affect the environment negatively. One that I have noticed are bush killers (Cayratia japonica) which shade trees to death. Also, I have seen lots and lots of kudzu. Kudzu may be beautiful to look out, but it kills plants by growing on them in such a fast-paced rate. In the lake, I saw many Brazilian water weeds (Egeria densa)which degrades the waterfowl. In regards to waterfowl, the park has instated a rule of not feeding any of the waterfowl to protect their health and help them live their lives. Here is a link to the brochure that the made regarding this topic: https://www.greensboro-nc.gov/home/showdocument?id=3026

Why do Humans Destroy?

Humans take advantage of all the natural beauty around them. They throw candy wrappers, chip bags, and a bunch of their junk all over the ground like the entire planet is their trash can. I have noticed people sit and have picnics with their family in the gorgeous park, but then ruin the moment by leaving their trash on the ground. Sometimes, people throw their junk in the lake too, which ruins the sparkle and glow of the water, just making it more green and brown. Some individuals do not take the time to realize what they are taking away from these living and non-living creatures. Just like we respect our homes, we should provide the same to other places, as well.

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