Country Park’s Attractions

Hi everyone, I’m back and it is beginning to feel like spring, with the sharp rays of sunlight and crisp warmth. Let’s look into many reasons why you should go and explore Country Park

One of the many trails entering into the woods

Trails and More

The main attraction of Country Park is the park aspects. The trails in the woods and the park equipment, such as swings and slides. Parents, grandparents, teachers, and more bring young children to enjoy the various aspects of the park, but it is not only the swing sets that entice them. Children and families enter the park to explore the natural beings they are surrounded with by taking the trails and pathways located throughout the woods into an advantage. The trails allow you to encounter many different species of plants and animals, including some that I have mentioned in previous blog posts. Along with that adventure, families are open to using 8 of the picnic grounds located around the park. One of the main ones are those situated beside the lake, which is a gorgeous view of the water, wildlife, and the woods.

Stephen M. Hussey Bark Park

The BarkPark

The bark park allows pets, not only dogs to have space outside to roam around and interact with other animals of their species. This park is Greensboro’s first off of the leash dog park which was established in March of 2003. The park was developed in honor and memory of Stephen M. Hussey, who was one of the BarkPark Fundraising Committee’s founding members. The BarkPark looks less furnaced and refined like the rest of the park. It is dirty, muddy, gassy and well the perfect environment for main dogs and other animals to enjoy themselves and feel surrounded their own. I am not the biggest fan of dogs, but I had to babysit my neighbor’s dog once. I took him over to the BarkPark and let him run around for two hours. In the time, I threw him a few toys, and he played around with his fellow dog friends he made. On the way home, he did not stop wagging his tail. The dog park provides a serene yet exciting atmosphere that is very similar to the rest of the park.


A bike trail in Country Park

Biking is a significant attraction of many parks. However, people tend to bike only on sidewalks or roads that are human-made in the park. In Country Park, those roads and sidewalks are available to bike in, but there are bike paths located in the woods that is perfect for a quick natural view during a bike ride. I, typically, go to Country Park to bike, as well. One of the main things I enjoy about the paths in the woods is being able to stop whenever I want to and be able to take pictures or explore a new tree, animal, insect, flower, and more than is possible to discover in a small period of time over a vast distance.

That is all I have to talk about for today. In the future posts, I will talk more about personal experiences, history, and natural facts. See you later!

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