Can You Take Shelter?

Today I sat in my place from a distance, that distance being my car. I sat inside and watched the rain pour down from the sky. I started to think “God, I hate the rain. This shit is annoying.” Sometimes I can get so caught up on how things affect me, that I don’t think how they affect the things around me; those things included nature. The trees, grass, land, and pond. I’m sure if nature could speak to us and had a voice, they would praise about how much they love the rain. However, I’m not so sure about the animals around me. I tried to walk my dog today, and she got to cold so I brought her back inside. I’m sure the worms inside the soil aren’t phased at all however.

Why does my grass look greener after it rains? By: Tom Oder

I looked around me and as I glanced, I noticed puddles and the creeks around me overflowing with water. The earth around me couldn’t avoid the rain and take shelter, but I could. I guess the main difference between me and nature is I don’t like the rain. I’m sure nature has its limits and all with rain, they don’t want to be flooded.

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