Blog #3: Flowers, Sunlight and Skates

As Winter fades and Spring arrives once again, it felt great getting back to campus after a peaceful spring break. And with my compulsive nature to get stuff done in advance it meant this week was gonna be rather chill, making it the perfect time to visit Price Park once again. While I was still finding my footing and getting reacclimatized to my environment, I knew I should take an hour out of the time I spent running errands just to see how the place had adjusted to this new season. Thankfully, it was a welcome shift with a lot more to talk about this time around, starting with the main reason I went today: to help my buddy test out some roller-skates.

Ryan and his “Light Steps”

While I wanted to get some good photos and just unwind with some peace and quiet, my buddy Ryan bought these weird skates nailed to wooden plaques called Light Steps after watching a woman perform some downright fantastic stunts with the model via Youtube. With the park’s flat trails and not too many people around, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air and watch Ryan continually lose his balance on these rolling deathtraps. Needless to say, things didn’t go too well but it sure was fun to watch. Just getting up onto the things was downright impossible, to the point where I literally had to act as a balancing pillar for him to grab onto as he tried to gain some balance and momentum. After a good five minutes he decided to turn to Youtube for help, while I told him I was gonna head down the trail to grab some photos. Now it was time to really immerse myself in the warm, spring air and see how the place had changed, or at the very least shifted with the seasons.

It was a little cloudy at first, but as time went on the sunshine became radiant as I headed into that big heaping patch of grass. The light was illuminating the trees, bringing out their detailed bark lines and almost blending them together at times into some strange art sculpture. Overall it was nice and quiet, just sitting down on the grass, taking in that scent of air as any stress I had, which wasn’t much, just blew away with the light breeze. I didn’t even have to wear a jacket this time around, the temperature was just perfect. It really gave me the chance to just think about and sort out all these ideas I had going on in my head, like some possible script ideas and location settings. 

Later on I ventured into the hiking trail for a good ten minutes, nothing major but I knew I wanted to at least see if it had changed since last time. To my surprise, it had a nice balance of familiarity and unknown, as these beautiful flowers had grown near the rocks. It was only one small patch (as shown below) but it was a welcome shakeup to all the piles of leaves and branches that filled the grounds. Beside it were these rocks. While I know that may not seem very cool, I was amazed by their formations once the sunlight brought all the detail to the surface. It looked like something out of an alien planet up close and that made me super impressed the more I stared. 

After that, I felt like it was time to head home. I didn’t plan on doing anything too big this time around, just getting back in the swing of things and get a good understanding of how the seasons change. But as I walked back to my car something happened that I never expected. I saw a bird nest on the ground, with one egg completely hatched while another was about an inch out of the nest. So naturally I picked the egg up and put it back in it’s nest, hoping to god that there was some chance it was still alive. While that probably isn’t the case, if that egg does end up hatching thanks to me, then I’ll know I’ve done a small part in helping give back to nature.

Nest with the egg safely back inside (hopefully)

That’s all for now folks. 

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