Blog #8: Fields and Swamps

This time around I wanted to do something different. I wanted to see what the other side of the park was like. Since day one I’ve mainly kept to everything that’s right of the library if you’re entering and it got me thinking about what’s on the other side, the side I’ve heard and seen so little of. So after parking my car near an absolutely beautiful Porsche Cayman S, I headed left to see what, if anything, was back there just waiting to be discovered. Needless to say, while there wasn’t much, there is quite a bit to talk about. 


At first glance I noticed another vast field like the one near the parking lot, complete with grass of multiple different shades as the cloudy but somewhat clear skies faintly shined down on the patch. In a strange way the cloudy atmosphere made it only more beautiful as it outlined the vastness and color variety of the land. When examining the Price Park management plan on the subject of the field, it appears that many of its rules and history are tied to that of the other field. The grass can be a real pain to mow and controlled burns haven’t been ruled out as an option if things ever got too out of hand for the crew. But beyond that there just wasn’t much to talk about with the fields. They were beautiful but definitely weren’t going to win any popularity contests. 


And so, I ventured a little further and stumbled upon a real gem of the park in the form of a swamp within the field. Strangely enough I couldn’t find anything on it, but it looked like the recent rainfall had really done a number on it. It was sludgy, puddles were everywhere and the trees around it were skinny with not a leaf in sight. The only other real thing of note were these weeds that popped up all along the trail, but all I could find on them was the fact that butterflies seem to like them. 


I think this really goes to show that I’m getting used to the park and as we near the end of the blog project I’m nearing the end of discovering its secrets. The park has been a great place to unwind when it need be and really helped me reconnect with nature since arriving at the school. What I’ve found the most fascinating about the experience is the fact that I can never really predict what parts of the park I’m gonna like. I just have to head over, scope it out and then sit down and get a feel for the area. In the case of the stream, I had seen it before but not until I actually sat down one morning and watched it did I realize it was my absolute favorite part of the park. That’s an important thing to know about yourself, because it can inspire you to try new things and work outside your comfort zone, something I’ve been doing a lot of recently. With two posts left and just a couple weeks till the deadline I’m sure I’ll be making another one of these very soon, hopefully with more to talk about. But that’s all for now folks.

Price Park

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